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Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy in the New York City metropolitan area, the November 4th production has been cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

                   HOW WE ARE CONNECTED - The Caribbean

Inspired by National Geographic's Genographic Project 
                                    In Collaboration with
                    El Museo del Barrio & Brooklyn Museum
                             ALL PERFORMANCES FREE

PREVIEW the developing work on Sept 28th, 2012.  Register here: 

GRAND OPENING, Oct 13th @ El Museo del Barrio, Register Early: 

BROOKLYN Premier, Oct 20th @ Brooklyn Museum, Register Early: 

QUEENS, Nov 4th @ The Theater at PS. 69 (Jackson Heights):

Multi-Media  ●  Multi-Cultural  ●  Multi-Dimensional  ●  MUSIC  ●  DANCE 
                                       DRAMA  ●  DISCUSSION  

How are we all connected? Is it by our family histories, the stories of personal struggles our parents and grandparents have passed down to us?  Or going even further back, the journeys our ancestors took to get to wherever our 'here' is now.  Experience this DRAMATIC Performing Arts Presentation of HOW WE ARE CONNECTED and join our cast for a discussion, as you yourself answer these questions.

Our Director facilitated a two month development process, working with writers and actors to explore facts, fantasies, dreams and possibilities about their ancestral heritage.  The stories that emerged from these workshops, and later the results of the DNA tests and our collective conversations about them, highlight HOW WE ARE CONNECTED. 

Program Created by Raquel Miller
Conceived and Directed by Ari Laura Kreith
Written by Jenny Lyn Bader & J.Stephen Brantley  

Featuring and Developed with Gousy Celestin, Marie Davis, Marcelino Feliciano, Lena Marie Gilbert, Maribel Martinez, Greer Morrison, Sorely Muentes, Luis Paulino, Vanessa Miriam Rodriguez, Edney Romeo, Stephanie Shipp, Ricardo Valentin and Petol Weekes. 

Stage Manager: Xiaopo Wang
Set Designer: Jen Varbalow
Technical Director: Ross DeGraw
Costume Designer: Marty Pavatea 

We are thrilled to be able to provide this programming free of cost to the public.  That is why we are seeking your support to finance this and future programs like this, but more than that, we hope you will help expand the NICODA message and reach out to your network of friends, colleagues & organizations to utilize our assets and recommend our artists and services, so that NICODA becomes part of their life experience.  

Thank you for your support.  Our greatest hope is that you will have continued involvement in the success of NICODA.  Join us and embark on our long journey. Together!

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